SEO Directory Listings – best practice for listing your website

SEO Done the Right Way – Getting The Basics Right

A year is a long time in search technology and online marketing. Go back just a few years and the concept of an AI managing your marketing system would have been science fiction, or the notion of searching via voice may have seemed impossible.

SEO Done The Right Way

But with these possibilities becoming every day reality, is it any wonder why so many business owners are struggling to keep up when it comes to their online marketing?

Sure, you could opt to focus on the future and beeline for the latest technology in the hope of staying ahead, but what if you end up overlooking the basics in the process? It’s these basics that have been the bread and butter of digital marketing for years.

From your website and its visibility, right through to your social media presence and promotional materials – if you overlook the basics, it won’t take long until they start to overlook you.

And the same goes for any SEO expert that you choose to hire. If they spend too much time looking for the latest techniques, or trying to outwit the competition with advanced tactics; they could be setting you up for a fall, whether they realise it or not.

What’s So Important About the SEO Basics?

For a start, the basics are the groundwork that should be laid to secure the structure of your business. Much like building a house, your foundations need to offer support as you continue building, or else your theoretical home could come crashing down.

And that’s where directory links step into the spotlight.

Anyone that has even the smallest notion of how SEO works will undoubtedly know a little about backlinks. With effective links, your website could start to develop a healthy reputation in the eyes of Google – and links from online directories are often the first that you (or your SEO provider) might use.

They can be easy to set up and provide a simple way to enhance your domain authority in the eyes of search engines, especially as most listings will provide information on your business that Google considers vital (including the name and contact details, which is typically referred to as your NAP data or info).

Unfortunately, it’s this framework-laying process that so many people choose to bypass; yet when done properly, their brand could be utilising a tried and tested method that has worked for years.

The SEO Power of the Directory

Directories can be a powerful social proof for a business. That’s why directory links can be the ideal solution starting out, at least to begin a campaign with. Directories were established to showcase businesses and that’s what they do best. Google won’t punish you for using them, nor will they think less of you for doing so.

Just consider the days before SEO; where a new business would need to get its name out there somehow. It was often directories that were turned to, complete with a link to their website and other important info.

The more directories link to your website, the higher your domain authority can climb – and that’s just one of the advantages of using this age-old method. But as of 2019, and no thanks to Google’s continuous updates, there is a catch. If these links aren’t done properly, they could end up being a complete waste of time.

What Exactly is ‘Properly’?

Go back ten years and thirty word descriptions modified slightly and then copied and pasted into directories used to be acceptable. It saved time and was fairly easy to do, but Google’s algorithm is no longer the youngster that it used to be. It has grown wise and matured since then – and can spot the difference between a duplicate and something written from scratch.

This is why it’s so important to add length and relevance to any listings that are now featured on a directory. We’re not suggesting novel-length listings; in fact 200-400 words can be more than sufficient. But there are a few key factors that can make or break your efforts, as detailed below.

Unique, effective content for SEO

It’s no secret that Google can’t stand duplicated content. They like freshness and relevance; they want information and uniqueness.

That’s why it can be advantageous to come up with a fresh piece of copy per listing. It can be fun and engaging, or serious and informative – as long as it’s relevant to your business and unique in nature, it won’t pose as much of a risk.

Relevance is key

If your business offers home deliveries, it won’t make much sense to spend 300 words talking about the weather.

Google wants nothing more than to categorise your business, so the clearer you are about what you have to offer, the more relevance a search engine can assign to your listing.

Take your time

The whole reason people rush a listing is to get their name out there. But with so many businesses already doing just that, Google needs to separate the time wasters from the effort-makers.

By putting a little extra effort into your listings you could showcase your services, maximise your reputation in the eyes of search engines and then reap the rewards well into the future.

Your security is a top priority

By security, we mean the integrity of your online presence. If you plan on using directories, be aware that spam bots will always try to take advantage.

Try to use a separate email address to your business account, use varying passwords per directory and always research the site that you are planning on listing your details with.

Link building doesn’t have to be a nuisance; in fact, it can be enjoyable if done in the right way – but we understand more than most just how time-consuming it can be. That’s why we proudly offer this service to our clients. To learn more, simply get in touch today at Noosa SEO Agency